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We are a Technology Integration company that services: Residential, Business, and Corporate clients from Milwaukee to Chicago. Contact us: 847.845.5889

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“Before everything else, GETTING READY is the secret to success.”

-Henry Ford


About us

Founded in 2006 MCS Technologies has become a trusted name in the technology sector. Servicing corporate clients, Franchises, Small businesses, and Individuals from Chicago to Milwaukee and everywhere in-between.


Some of these services include…


Structured Cabling Services


From floor & wall mounted racks, cable certifications, demark extensions, VOIP, Audio & Video wiring, as well as low voltage cable runs and more we can service all of your structured wiring needs for your home and business projects.

From new construction, to remodels, upgrades, and surveys the experts at MCS Technologies can take care of all your structured wiring needs.

Digital Signage & TV Installations

Digital Signage.jpg

Schools, Banks, Restaurants, Churches, indoor and outdoor digital media signage from four feet to forty. In the last twelve years we have installed, maintained, and repaired all types of signage from large franchises to mom and pops, there’s not much we haven’t seen in this new frontier of digital marketing and signage.

Need a TV hung up at your home or business ? Oh yeah, we do that also.

Home & Business Automation


Smart door locks, thermostats, video doorbells, LED mood lighting, IP Cloud cameras, Smart outlets & other devices that you can control from your phone or tablet are a way of life now. These devices put you in control of your home or business.

Do you want to have piece of mind about whats happening at home or the office when you're away ?  Give us a call, and lets make a plan.


Secure Email Services & Office 365


MCS offers several secure email solutions for corporate, and enterprise clients as well as small businesses like mom and pops, and individuals.

We offer a variety of secure email options that range from a simple secure email box, to fully encrypted PGP email, as well as 2FA Exchange OWA solutions. All of our email services are backed up in multiple locations and have a 98% uptime guarantee.

Need a HIPPA Compliant email or end to end encryption. Lets chat, we can make it painless.

point of sale & Drive-thru Systems

Square POS.jpg

In this ever-changing landscape of technology, having a proper and intuitive POS system is the lifeblood of successful retail and virtual businesses.

We sell, maintain, service and consult on POS solutions that are relevant in todays society by being fully encrypted, EMV compliant, and utilize payment methods such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, NFC, and even Crypto-Currency transactions.

We also service and install full service drive-thru lanes for retail stores and restaurants, including outdoor signage, headsets, and service loops from trusted manufactures such as HME and 3M.

Cloud security & cameras

IP Security.jpg

In todays digital age security cameras are everywhere, and are an active and integral part of not only todays business structure… but for home users as well.

MCS Technologies can take care of all your wired and wireless camera needs, as well as consult and advise you on what may be the best solution for you, your home, or business.

Some of our clients have DVR based I.P. Camera solutions to monitor the traffic in retail environments as well as to deter theft… and other clients are looking for solutions to watch there pets, and monitor other home activities that help with peace of mind when they are away from home.
What ever your needs may be, give us a call and lets talk about options for protection as well as peace of mind.


Efficiency is doing things right; Effectiveness is doing the right things
— Peter Drucker