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Our projects

Below you can find a few of our projects, we are hoping to update this page regularly… but sometimes when in the field its difficult to take photos and videos while working.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Lately we have been doing a lot of retail and restaurant work, a lot of these establishments have a ton of technology incorporated in there day to day operation and when that technology fails they have been calling on MCS Technologies to get them up and running again.

Today we were called out to to the sports bar Buffalo Wild Wings. These sports bars have a ton of TV’s pretty much everywhere and with having that many TV’s running all day they do tend to go out more often than a television in your home.

So, today we replaced a 70” television in the dining area, these 70” televisions are large, bulky and heavy - not to mention fragile !!

When you’re hanging a large television 12 feet off the ground or so, it requires a lift and a couple of experienced technicians to ensure it all goes as planned.

At the end of the day, the job went off without any issues, and everyone was happy.

We traveled from Kenosha to Madison complete this job, but it was worth it to make sure the job was done correctly and that everyone was happy.