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Our projects

Below you can find a few of our projects, we are hoping to update this page regularly… but sometimes when in the field its difficult to take photos and videos while working.

Video wall for BMO Harris bank

In 2017 a few technicians and I were approached by BMO Harris to help them install a 8x2 video wall in a new bank that was still under construction.

The project was a bit challenging as the contractors had built a “build out” frame that was very precise and it was to house the sixteen televisions and the four media players that would make up the almost seem-less video wall, and the clearance around all the edges was maybe a half inch or so all the way around.

I believe this install was in Schaumburg, Illinois - and it ended up being almost a there day project as one of the screens were broken on arrival, and we had a few issues with the media players backing each other up but at the end of the day, it looked great and everyone was very pleased.

I didn’t take many photos back then, but heres a couple of photos and a video of the wall while it was in progress and still being configured.