MCS Technologies
We are a Technology Integration company that services: Residential, Business, and Corporate clients from Milwaukee to Chicago. Contact us: 847.845.5889

MCS Email Solutions

MCS Technologies offers secure email solutions for all of your business needs.

MCS's Email PLUS Storage and Apps

MCS's Email PLUS includes data backup, an online file storage and sharing solution that gives you access to your important files no matter where you are. Choosing MCS's Email PLUS gives you:

MCS email plus.png
  • 25GB Outlook-compatible Mailboxes

  • 30GB Online Storage and Sharing per User

  • Desktop File Synchronization

  • Online Document and Spreadsheet Editors

  • Mobile Sync for Email, Calendars, and Contacts

MCS's Email PLUS with Cloud Drive combines business-class email with online file storage and applications for only $10.00/mo. per mailbox.